The new Transactional API in SFMC

Salesforce has introduced a set of new APIs for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. These APIs are dedicated to transactional messaging. They come in three flavors. Transactional messaging for emails. Transactional messaging for SMS. Transactional messaging for PUSH.

From the Salesforce Developer site

  • The API runs on an updated messaging platform, which improves scale and send speed.
  • All messages are sent as quickly as possible. For email, there’s no need to select high, medium, or low priority in a send definition.
  • You can track each message through Marketing Cloud from the client’s host system, including the Event Notification Service, using the messageKey attribute.

A few key points to remember

  • The transactional API is different from the triggered email sends or triggered SMS
  • We have to create the send definitions through the API itself, meaning your on-prem system will need to manage that task
  • Existing data views within Marketing Cloud will not provide reconciliation detail for the messages. It is highly recommended to create an ENS service.
  • The API is not to be used for commercial messages

To summarize, this is a powerful feature that gives more control, and flexibility to the marketing team. However, also brings an additional burden on development teams.

Read more at the Salesforce Developer Site

Author: sfdc4ever

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