10 Things I did not know about Salesforce

SalesForce is one of the platforms where there is a great deal of information and sometimes I think there is too much information and for a newcomer, this can be overwhelming. The below is a list of certain assumptions and misconceptions I had and slowly with time I understood I was completely wrong, It took some time for me to get there, If it helps anyone to save some time -my job would be done. I have focussed on Sales and Service cloud for this post.

Please feel free to add to the list.

No 10

Local IT will need to set up a few things for me.-No-SalesForce is a cloud-based system and if you have access to a browser and internet you are all set, You and your team can start.

No 9

SalesForce is a predefined package and I cannot create new Data Stores. In the world of SalesForce, everything is object-objects are something in similar line to an RDBMS table and we can create our own tables a.k.a salesforce custom objects, which are known as a custom object.

No 8

I have the standard objects but I need to tweak it so I have to create my own custom object-No-We can create custom fields inside a standard object.

No 7

Role and User Profiles are the same thing-You create roles and then put user profiles under them-NO! Roles are for data sharing and user profiles are for accessing the various functions of the system. A user will have a profile and he will have only 1 profile. User Profile and permission sets are more related in that sense.

No 6

I can’t change the pages where I am entering data in SalesForce and it’s true for all users-No you can-Configure the pages if you have the permission-display related list or make it simple-For service cloud typically you would have different user groups and page views and record types for case management.

No 5

I want to format fields and restrict field entry-I need a developer-No -SalesForce has a magic formula (Just formula!) -You can go to SalesForce HelpDocs and copy a ton of formulas for basic validation and use it for your objects.

No 4

I want to process my data when it’s entered/updated, I know we need triggers-I to come with a strong background of Oracle-SQL server platform-Actually you know what -surprise! Don’t need triggers all the time-Though Apex Classed and triggers have their place-enter the world of a workflow-process builder and lately flow.

No 3

I need to build few pages-I need Apache-j2ee-.net?VisualForce and lightning are powerful mediums for web Development-Data entry-update and complex UI operations can be done through VisualForce and lightning-yes we would need a developer for that.

No 2

I need to build sites for my partner and users and they will not have access to SalesForce-Now tell me-what can SalesForce do for me-Nothing I guess -It can actually do a lot through Community-Partner Community and the Heroku platform-key takeaway websites can be integrated into the platform.

No 1

This one took a while for me to understand. I have my business logic in Apex but for external systems to talk to SalesForce they are going through the default REST API -No-Apex supports the creation of web services and you can have that complex business logic completely in SalesForce and outsiders only giving you the data.

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