How AD Studio helps with Customer 360

With ever-increasing customer touchpoints convergence of customer data is important than ever. Deriving insight and taking the right action at the right time is the holy grail that marketers are after for so long. This blog is not specifically about a Customer Data Platform or Data Management Platform. Instead I wanted to highlight on Advertisement studio and how it integrates with Marketing Cloud. It provides an easy way for Marketers to take action on the data they have helping in the taking-right-action-right-time in a broader Customer 360 ecosystem.

First thing first, what is Advertisement Studio?

Advertisement Studio is a campaign management tool that can be used to send audience segments to social media sites for look-alike Ad placement.

It can be provisioned as an add-on for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Once provisioned the experience is similar to the other builders and studios of the marketing cloud.

How to get the Audience?

All data that is available to Salesforce Marketing Cloud are also available to AD Studio. AD studio helps create its segments from Data Extension. Marketing Cloud can consume CRM first-party data from Sales or Service cloud through Marketing Cloud connect. It can also consume information from DMP which earlier was known as Krux. These data sets are readily available to Ad Studio.

Deciding on the Social Platforms

Ad studio can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. A service account should be created on those social platforms. The service account is just a fancy way of saying not tied to a specific person.

What kind of Ad campaign

Look-alike ad campaigns to target a similar audience based on the input.

Cost-Model of Ad Studio

Salesforce charges based on the no of audience segments. This is different from how Salesforce charges for Marketing Cloud or DMP platform. With three or four social platforms and separate use cases no of segments can increase pretty quickly.

Match Rate

Match rate means how many of the audience were matched with a look-alike audience. The number of attributes that are uses to establish match plays a factor in the percentage. It can be email address, device_id, etc. A match rate higher than 50% is a good place to start with.

It can integrate with Journey Builder

One more cool thing Ad studio audiences can be used as a source for Journey builder audience.








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